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  Nepal Rupee(NPR) Currency Exchange Rate

Latest Update: June 5, 2020(New York)

  USD-American Dollar  USD  American Dollar0.00878113.89522
  CAD-Canadian Dollar  CAD  Canadian Dollar0.0116985.5432
  MXN-Mexican Peso  MXN  Mexican Peso0.169135.91261
  ARS-Argentine Peso  ARS  Argentine Peso0.332913.00381
  BOB-Bolivia Boliviano  BOB  Bolivia Boliviano0.0605316.52073
  BRL-Brazilian Real  BRL  Brazilian Real0.0327530.53435
  CLP-Chilean Peso  CLP  Chilean Peso5.803130.17232
  COP-Colombia Peso  COP  Colombia Peso27.509620.03635
  FKP-Falkland Island Pound  FKP  Falkland Island Pound0.00682146.62757
  GYD-Guyana Dollar  GYD  Guyana Dollar1.83170.54594
  VEB-Venezuela Bolivar  VEB  Venezuela Bolivar2182716.480880
  VEF-Venezuela Bolivar  VEF  Venezuela Bolivar2182.716480.00046
  CRC-Costa Rican colon  CRC  Costa Rican colon5.369070.18625
  HNL-Honduran Lempira  HNL  Honduran Lempira0.213894.6753
  HTG-Haiti Gourde  HTG  Haiti Gourde0.688381.45269
  JMD-Jamaica Dollar  JMD  Jamaica Dollar1.172630.85278
  KYD-Cayman Islands Dollar  KYD  Cayman Islands Dollar0.00712140.44944
  NIO-Nicaragua Oro  NIO  Nicaragua Oro0.286543.48991
  PYG-Paraguay Guarani  PYG  Paraguay Guarani53.288890.01877
  XCD-East Caribbean Dollar  XCD  East Caribbean Dollar0.0236342.31909
  ADP-Andorra Peseta  ADP  Andorra Peseta1.29340.77316
  ALL-Albania Lek  ALL  Albania Lek0.943981.05934
  ATS-Austrian Schilling  ATS  Austrian Schilling0.106979.34842
  BAM-Bosnia Herzegovina Marka  BAM  Bosnia Herzegovina Marka0.0152165.74622
  BEF-Belgium Franc  BEF  Belgium Franc0.313583.18898
  BGN-Bulgarian Lev  BGN  Bulgarian Lev15.124880.06612
  CHF-Swiss Franc  CHF  Swiss Franc0.00885112.99435
  CZK-Czech Koruna  CZK  Czech Koruna0.201114.9724
  DEM-Germany Mark  DEM  Germany Mark0.015265.78947
  DKK-Danish Krone  DKK  Danish Krone0.0580117.23841
  EEK-Estonian Kroon  EEK  Estonian Kroon0.121298.2447
  ESP-Spain Peseta  ESP  Spain Peseta1.29340.77316
  EUR-EURO  EUR  EURO0.00777128.70013
  FIM-Finnish Markka  FIM  Finnish Markka0.0462221.63566
  FRF-French Franc  FRF  French Franc0.0509919.61169
  GBP-British Pound  GBP  British Pound0.00683146.41288
  GRD-Greece Drachma  GRD  Greece Drachma2.648820.37753
  HRK-Croatian Kuna  HRK  Croatian Kuna0.0575817.36714
  HUF-Hungarian Forint  HUF  Hungarian Forint2.471950.40454
  IEP-Ireland Pound  IEP  Ireland Pound0.00612163.39869
  ISK-Iceland Krona  ISK  Iceland Krona1.061420.94213
  ITL-Italy Lira  ITL  Italy Lira15.051570.06644
  LTL-Lithuania Litas  LTL  Lithuania Litas0.0268637.23008
  LUF-Luxembourg Franc  LUF  Luxembourg Franc0.313583.18898
  LVL-Latvian Lats  LVL  Latvian Lats0.00547182.81536
  MDL-Moldova Leu  MDL  Moldova Leu0.150556.64231
  MTL-Malta Lira  MTL  Malta Lira0.00334299.4012
  NLG-Netherlands Guilder  NLG  Netherlands Guilder0.0171358.37712
  NOK-Norwegian Kroner  NOK  Norwegian Kroner0.0761513.13198
  PLN-Polish Zloty  PLN  Polish Zloty0.033729.67359
  PTE-Portugal Escudo  PTE  Portugal Escudo1.558450.64166
  RON-Romanian Leu  RON  Romanian Leu0.0362627.5786
  RUB-Russian Ruble  RUB  Russian Ruble0.577091.73283
  SEK-Swedish Krona  SEK  Swedish Krona0.0816812.2429
  TRY-Turkish Lira  TRY  Turkish Lira0.046221.64502
  UAH-Ukraine Hryvnia  UAH  Ukraine Hryvnia0.23764.20875
  YUM-Yugoslavia Dinar  YUM  Yugoslavia Dinar0.0152165.74622
  BND-Brunei Dollar  BND  Brunei Dollar0.0119483.75209
  BTN-BHUTAN Ngultrum  BTN  BHUTAN Ngultrum0.623451.60398
  BYR-Belarus Ruble  BYR  Belarus Ruble185.351240.0054
  CNY-Chinese RMB  CNY  Chinese RMB0.0595216.80108
  GEL-Georgia Lari  GEL  Georgia Lari0.0233242.88165
  HKD-Hong Kong Dollar  HKD  Hong Kong Dollar0.0689214.50958
  IDR-Indonesia Rupiah  IDR  Indonesia Rupiah123.333020.00811
  INR-Indian Rupee  INR  Indian Rupee0.622931.60532
  JPY-Japanese Yen  JPY  Japanese Yen0.970381.03052
  KRW-South Korean Won  KRW  South Korean Won9.874970.10127
  KZT-Kazakhstan Tenge  KZT  Kazakhstan Tenge3.288890.30405
  LKR-Sri Lanka Rupee  LKR  Sri Lanka Rupee1.565820.63864
  MMK-Myanmar Kyat  MMK  Myanmar Kyat13.454270.07433
  MNT-Mongolia Tugrik  MNT  Mongolia Tugrik23.074410.04334
  MOP-Macau Pataca  MOP  Macau Pataca0.0709514.09443
  MVR-Maldives Rufiyaa  MVR  Maldives Rufiyaa0.133757.47664
  MYR-Malaysian Ringgit  MYR  Malaysian Ringgit0.035827.93296
  NPR-Nepal Rupee  NPR  Nepal Rupee11
  NTD-Taiwan Dollar  NTD  Taiwan Dollar0.270843.69222
  PGK-Papua New Guinean Kina  PGK  Papua New Guinean Kina0.0290934.37607
  PHP-Philippine Peso  PHP  Philippine Peso0.456632.18996
  PKR-Pakistan Rupee  PKR  Pakistan Rupee1.225410.81605
  SGD-Singapore Dollar  SGD  Singapore Dollar0.0119483.75209
  THB-Thailand Baht  THB  Thailand Baht0.275473.63016
  TJR-Tajikistan Ruble  TJR  Tajikistan Ruble8.288990.12064
  TJS-Tajikistan Ruble  TJS  Tajikistan Ruble0.0828912.06418
  TMT-Turkmenistan Manat  TMT  Turkmenistan Manat0.0306932.5839
  UZS-Uzbekistan Sum  UZS  Uzbekistan Sum73.612070.01358
  VND-Vietnam Dong  VND  Vietnam Dong203.595210.00491
  AUD-Australian Dollar  AUD  Australian Dollar0.0124280.5153
  NZD-New Zealand Dollar  NZD  New Zealand Dollar0.0130676.56968
  XPF-Pacific Financial Community  XPF  Pacific Financial Community0.927621.07803
  AED-United Arab Emirates  AED  United Arab Emirates0.0322531.00775
  BHD-Bahrain Dinar  BHD  Bahrain Dinar0.0033303.0303
  CYP-Cyprus Pound  CYP  Cyprus Pound0.00455219.78022
  ILS-Israeli New Shekel  ILS  Israeli New Shekel0
  IRR-Iranian Rial  IRR  Iranian Rial369.88060.0027
  JOD-Jordan Dinar  JOD  Jordan Dinar0.00623160.51364
  KWD-Kuwait Dinar  KWD  Kuwait Dinar0.00267374.53184
  LBP-Lebanon Pound  LBP  Lebanon Pound13.267560.07537
  OMR-Omani Rial  OMR  Omani Rial0.00338295.85799
  QAR-Qatari Rial  QAR  Qatari Rial0
  SAR-Saudi Riyal  SAR  Saudi Riyal0.0329330.36745
  SYP-Syria Pound  SYP  Syria Pound3.811470.26237
  YER-Yemen Rial  YER  Yemen Rial2.196370.4553
  AOA-Angola Kwanza  AOA  Angola Kwanza2.721130.36749
  BIF-Burundi Franc  BIF  Burundi Franc15.805930.06327
  CVE-Cape Verdean Escudo  CVE  Cape Verdean Escudo0.786681.27116
  DJF-Djibouti Franc  DJF  Djibouti Franc1.569720.63706
  EGP-Egyptian Pound  EGP  Egyptian Pound0.155116.44704
  GMD-Gambia Dalasi  GMD  Gambia Dalasi0.439572.27495
  KES-Kenya Shilling  KES  Kenya Shilling0.885991.12868
  KMF-Comoros Franc  KMF  Comoros Franc3.824250.26149
  LYD-Libya Dinar  LYD  Libya Dinar0.0121882.10181
  MAD-Morocco Dirham  MAD  Morocco Dirham0.0835911.96315
  MGA-Madagascar Franc  MGA  Madagascar Franc30.660140.03262
  NAD-Namibia Dollar  NAD  Namibia Dollar0.121038.26241
  NGN-Nigerian Naira  NGN  Nigerian Naira3.179180.31455
  RWF-Rwanda Franc  RWF  Rwanda Franc7.921010.12625
  SDG-Sudan Pound  SDG  Sudan Pound0.417662.39429
  SZL-Swaziland Lilangeni  SZL  Swaziland Lilangeni0.117698.4969
  TND-Tunisia Dinar  TND  Tunisia Dinar0.0269237.1471
  UGX-Uganda Shilling  UGX  Uganda Shilling32.273120.03099
  XAF-Central African CFA franc  XAF  Central African CFA franc5.099180.19611
  XOF-West African CFA franc  XOF  West African CFA franc4.639380.21555
  ZAR-South African Rand  ZAR  South African Rand0.1218.26446
  ZMK-Zambia Kwacha  ZMK  Zambia Kwacha104.925190.00953

Notes:Information is provided 'as is' and solely for informational purposes, not for trading purposes or advice, and May be delayed.

NPR Currency Exchange Rates Chart and Graph

360 day graph , 1 USD= ? NPR
NPR Currency Exchange Rates Chart and Graph

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